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Hey, welcome to the page! My name is Kayla. 20 years old and doing my best to stay young. I love my boyfriend, going to concerts, beanies, people I can be weird with, bacon cheeseburgers, loud music, metal, the color black, traditional style tattoos, originality, writing, being outside, and his smile. I'm currently a college student hoping to major in computer science and journalism with the intent of some day writing and managing online content design for a high-end magazine firm. This is my personal blog where you'll be able to read about my days (and nights), thoughts, etc. I also have a web design page! Check it out. No guts, no glory.
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Mar. 13 - The Wonder Years concert
Mar. 15 - Spring break
Mar. 16 - Marco Island!
Mar. 24 - Back to classes
Apr. 15 - Twentieth birthday
May. 16 - End of sophomore year