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Hey, welcome to the page! My name is Kayla. 19 years old and doing my best to stay young. I love my boyfriend, going to concerts, beanies, people I can be weird with, bacon cheeseburgers, loud music, metal, the color black, traditional style tattoos, originality, writing, being outside, and his smile. I'm currently a college student hoping to major in computer science and journalism with the intent of some day writing and managing online content design for a high-end magazine firm. This is my personal blog where you'll be able to read about my every day activities and thoughts and get access to exclusive web design. No guts, no glory.
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Dates and events
Mar. 13 - The Wonder Years concert
Mar. 15 - Spring break
Mar. 16 - Marco Island!
Mar. 24 - Back to classes
Apr. 15 - Twentieth birthday
May. 16 - End of sophomore year

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